Bookbinders now a Traveler’s Partner Shop

Bookbinders now a Traveler’s Partner Shop

Bookbinders Design is proud to be a Traveler's Company Partner Shop. Learn more about the exclusive collection of Traveler's Factory products.
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We're super excited to announce that Bookbinders Design has been selected by Traveler's Company to be a Partner Shop.

What is a Traveler’s Company Partner Shop I hear you ask.

Partner Shops are officially approved stores that aim to bring together Traveler’s Notebook enthusiasts from around the world. Becoming a partner shop means that we're Traveler's Notebook enthusiasts with a passion for the brand and bringing together the Traveler's community in our Melbourne store. 

Partner shops are an opportunity meet other travellers on their journey to exchange ideas and stories, while also experiencing exclusive products and original stamps and refills inspired by famous local landmarks or specialties. These products were previously only available in the Traveler's Factory stores in Japan but the exclusive collection is now available online and in the store. 

The Bookbinders Design custom stamp is inspired by the Melbourne tram, which is a great way to get around Melbourne. You can find it in our store and add it to your notebook as a reminder of your visit. 

What is Traveler's Factory?

Located at a back alley in Nakameguro, Tokyo, the Traveler's Factory is the original store for the Traveler's Company. It is a quaint and charming store in an old building used as a paper processing factory during the industrialisation period in Japan. In the basement, you'll find original products, as well as kits and parts to customise your notebook, while the second floor boasts a cafe and hosts events and exhibitions.

Traveler's Factory Tokyo

Up until now, the Traveler's Factory was home to original and exclusive products. Now, there products are available from the few stores across the world that have been selected as Partner Shops such as Bookbinders Design. 

Check out the collection here or keep reading to find out more about each of the new products. 

Make it personal

Add personality to your Traveler’s Company notebook with one (or two or three) charms including the airplane, coffee bean, notebook and pen. Handcrafted in Chiang Mai, Thailand, the charms are made from the same tin material as the metal fastener on the Traveler's Notebook rubber band. They feature vintage and rustic looking details, which means each charm carries a slightly different hue, so no two charms are exactly the same!

Traveler's Factory Notebook Charm

Build it up

Add extra capacity to the Traveler’s Company notebook with the zipper case, which was created in collaboration with Fourruof, a Japanese company specialising in tote bags. The special material used to make the cases is comprised of thin, soft cotton and special glue, resulting in a unique and durable paper-like texture. This material was chosen because its wrinkles and changes with use, taking on more and more character – just like the Traveler’s notebook.

The zipper case comes in both the passport and regular size, with multiple colours to choose from. Each case has a zipper pocket that is perfect for storing money, keys or writing instruments, an envelope-style slip for carrying tickets and postcards and small pockets for cards.

Traveler's Factory Zipper Case

Keep it light

Add extra functionality to your Traveler’s Company notebook with this short trip refills, which have half the number of pages (36 pages) of the standard notebook. With fewer pages, it is thin and light, making it ideal for carrying around or building up different refills for different uses or themes.

Get creative

Add a pop of vibrant colour to your Traveler’s Company notebook with the kraft paper refills that are available in pink, turquoise and yellow. Kraft paper is great for water-based pens or for sticking in cards, maps, tickets or photos, while the 010 double sided stickers are the perfect companion to turn this refill into a fun photo album for documenting memories. It can even be used it in combination with other colourful refills as an organisation system.

Traveler's Factory Kraft Paper

And last but not least, add some fun to your Traveler’s Company notebook with the black paper refill that comes with 64 blank pages. The JuiceUp pastel pens are perfect for writing  on black paper  so you can turn it into a fun scrapbook that brings to life your adventures. 

Traveler's Factory Black Paper

Check out the full Traveler's Factory Collection