Personalised Stationery Made Simple

Whether it’s a notebook or journal, photo album or guestbook, presentation or keepsake box, you are in control of the personalisation process every step of the way! Choose the text and position and then get creative with the font type and colour to create a design that’s one of a kind.

How it works


Pick your desired product to personalise


Type in your text and/or icons


Choose your preferred font and foil colour


Select the position and add to cart


There are two core fonts to choose from. Serif is a classic font that is perfect for those that are after an elegant finish, while Sans-Serif is a minimalist font for those that prefer a more modern look.

Each font is available in a small and large and our team will choose the most appropriate size based on the dimensions of the product and the length of the text.


For an extra fun touch, you can choose from our popular icons either on their own or an addition to initials.

Foil Colours

We offer a variety of colours for debossing including gold, rose gold, silver, copper, matte black and matte white. For an understated finish without colour, a blind deboss creates just an impression, while a gloss deboss uses a transparent foil to intensify the blind deboss.


Debossing is a hand crafted technique that uses heat and pressure to create an impression in the surface of the product. A foil deboss involves adding a layer of foil so that the deboss takes on the colour of the foil. Digital printing is a cost effective alternative to debossing. Using a digital printer, we print directly onto the product. Unlike a deboss that creates an impression, digital printing sits on the surface. The main advantage of digital printing is that is allows multiple colours and an exact colour match, unlike a foil deboss, which is limited to the available foil colours.

Debossing is very versatile in that it works on a variety of materials including leather, bonded leather, cloth, card and paper, as well as different surfaces such as hardcover and softcover. That means that the majority of our products can be personalised.

If the product is suitable for personalisation (material and construction) then yes we can personalise but for products not purchased at Bookbinders Design, it’s all care but no responsibility.

A blind deboss is when the metal stamping plate presses directly onto the surface of the product without any coloured foil. Or in other words, it is just an impression. Blind embossing works especially well for logos and on leather products, where the heat slightly darkens the leather.

Colour debossing is similar to blind debossing in that the metal stamping plate creates the impression but then a foil is used to transfer the colour onto the surface of the product. Some foils are metallic (gold, rose gold, copper and silver), while others are matte (black and white).

The optical centre (otherwise known as the visual centre) is the point slightly above the geometric centre. Usually this is about 10-20mm above the true centre but will vary depending on the size of the item being personalised.

The available positions have been selected as they work best with the majority of our products. But we are more than happy to take requests, just let us know the alternate location in the notes section at checkout.

All of our personalisation is done in our Melbourne studio. The turnaround time varies between 2 and 7 business day depending on the personalisation option selected. For example, a core font will be quicker than a pro font, while initials will be ready faster than multiple lines of text. You’ll be able to see the turnaround time (and cost) once you have finalised your choices and before adding to cart.