Bortoletti - Calligraphy Pen Set - Glass Nib - Blue

Bortoletti - Calligraphy Pen Set - Glass Nib - Blue

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Indulge in the art of handwriting with the Bortoletti calligraphy set, which effortlessly mixes traditional craftsmanship with old world charm. The set includes a blue coloured glass pen, a matching glass nib and a mini ink bottle packaged in an elegant gift box.

Measuring 20cm, the holder is made from Murano glass infused with aventurine, while the glass nib is crafted using a traditional mould to create the characteristic twist grooves that allow it to slide quickly across the paper.

The calligraphy ink comes in a 10mL bottle and is made from high quality materials to produce an intense colour even when dry. The colour of the ink in each set is randomly assigned by Bortoletti. 

Made in Venice