Pelikan - Edelstein Ink - Tanzanite

Pelikan - Edelstein Ink - Tanzanite

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Pelikan’s Edelstein range is the German pen manufacturer’s premium line of fountain pen inks. Known for their rich colours and generous flow, the Edelstein range are the perfect match for your new Pelikan Souverän fountain pen.

Edelstein is the German word for Gemstone, and each of the inks take their name from a precious gem that corresponds to the ink colour.

There's a special place in my heart for blue-blacks and particularly for blue-blacks like Tanzanite. This is a sophisticated ink. If I were only ever allowed to fill a Pelikan Stresemann with a single ink 'til the end of time, it'll be Tanzanite.

Each bottle of Pelikan Edelstein comes in a hefty 50ml glass bottle.