Platinum - Fountain Pen - #3776 Century - Laurel Green (Gold)

Platinum - Fountain Pen - #3776 Century - Laurel Green (Gold)

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The Laurel Green Platinum 3776 Century is a contemporary fountain pen with a sleek design, comfortable writing balance, smooth flow, and fast-drying ink. The translucent dark green body is accented by gold trim.

The innovative cap contains a unique “Slip & Seal” mechanism that prevents ink from drying out in the pen for up to 2 years, while a newly redesigned 14k gold nib and feed regulate the ink flow. The attention to detail is also evident on the the cap ring, which has been etched to create a three-dimensional effect of the logo.

The Platinum 3776 Century accepts proprietary Platinum cartridges or a Platinum converter for use with bottled ink. Only the cartridge is included, while converter and replacement cartridges can be found here

The Laurel Green is inspired by the laurel tree, which has been regarded as a symbol of victory and glory since ancient times. The wreath made from its leaves and branches was used to crown exemplary litterateurs such as major poets who served the king. Likewise, gold is the colour of the medal given to honour individuals for their highest achievement.


  • Length: 139.5 × 15.4 mm
  • Weight: 20.5g
  • Screw cap closure
  • Proprietary converter or cartridge filling system
  • Blue cartridge included
  • 1-year manufacturing warranty