Sailor - Fountain Pen - Barcarolle - Black (Gold)

Sailor - Fountain Pen - Barcarolle - Black (Gold)

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Launched in 2017, the Barcarolle is still a young’un as far as the century-old penmaker Sailor is concerned. With a solid brass barrel and a snap cap, this is a Sailor fit for modern tastes. Though they haven’t forgotten the classic Sailor clip design and their ever-reliable 14k gold nib, meaning it’s just as formidable a pen as Sailor’s classics.

With its name taken from the traditional folk song sung by Venetian gondoliers, the Barcarolle may remind you of a Roman column if you stare at it long enough. Or, like it did me, it may remind you of Pietro Mascagni’s Barcarola that Marty Scorsese used so brilliantly in Raging Bull.

This handsome satin black Barcarolle fountain pen comes with a traditional gold trim, two Sailor ink cartridges and a Sailor converter.