Sailor - Fountain Pen - Shikiori Hisakta - Hoshikuzu

Sailor - Fountain Pen - Shikiori Hisakta - Hoshikuzu

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With its chrome plated steel nib, classic curve-shaped profile and high-quality resin body, the Sailor Shikiori Hisakta is a great choice for novice and experienced fountain pen enthusiasts. Part of the Four Seasons series, Hoshikuzu features a rich black finish with glittery sparkles inspired by the starry sky on a clear winter night. 

The Shikiori collections follows the classic Sailor 1911 design, with a curved body and rounded cap and barrel ends. The cap band is polished and chrome-plated to match the nib. This pen comes in a Sailor box with a black cartridge.

Sailor fountain pens use proprietary converters and cartridges

Length (capped): 135 mm
Length (posted): 147 mm
Length (uncapped): 118 mm
Weight: 16g