Factory Green Brass Fountain Pen by Traveler's Company
Factory Green Fountain Pen Limited Edition

Traveler's Company - Fountain Pen - Brass - Factory Green

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Factory Green limited edition brass fountain pen by Traveler's Company.

The Traveler's Company brass fountain pen is a perfect companion for on-the-go writing thanks to it's durable construction and portable size. At the top of the cap is a sturdy loop that can be used to attach the pen to a chain or backpack. The loop can be removed for a more streamlined profile. 

The pen is made in a press factory located in one of the historical districts of Tokyo and with time, the brass will oxidise and take on a unique character. 

The brass fountain pen fits perfectly with the Traveler's 016 pen holder. The pen uses international standard cartridges, available in black and blue-black.

Pen tip: Steel
Nib size: Fine
Black cartridge included
Case: H38 x W112 x D19mm
Fountain Pen: 11mm in diameter x H102mm
Made in Japan