Zebra - Ballpoint Pen - Blen - Grey
Zebra - Ballpoint Pen - Blen - Grey

Zebra - Ballpoint Pen - Blen - Grey

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The grey Zebra Blen retractable ballpoint pen provides a unique and innovative vibration-free writing experience. It is designed with a gap-free internal system to ensure moving parts fit tightly together so they don't rattle during use and a direct touch tip that cushions the writing tip to eliminate vibrations. 

It also features a brass weighted tip to lower its centre of gravity, making the pen more stable and easier to control, as well as a rubber grip section that allows for a relaxed, stress-free grip. The Zebra Blen pen uses smooth and vibrant emulsion ballpoint ink in black, which is acid free, archival, and water resistant. Refills can be purchased here

Created in collaboration with Nendo, a Japanese design studio, the bLen Gel Retractable Pen is not only sleek and minimal in appearance but offers a premium writing experience. The name is inspired by the Japanese word burenai, which means "non-vibrating."