Zebra - Ballpoint Pen - Blen Animal 3C 0.5mm - Panda <Outgoing>

Zebra - Ballpoint Pen - Blen Animal 3C 0.5mm - Panda

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The Zebra Blen retractable ballpoint pen provides a unique and innovative vibration-free writing experience. It is designed with a gap-free internal system to ensure moving parts fit tightly together so they don't rattle during use and a direct touch tip that cushions the writing tip to eliminate vibrations. 

It also features a brass weighted tip to lower its centre of gravity, making the pen more stable and easier to control, as well as a rubber grip section that allows for a relaxed, stress-free grip. The Zebra 3 in 1 Blen pen includes black, blue and red ink, which is acid free, archival, and water resistant. 

The Panda is part of Blen's limited edition, animal series.