Ziller’s - Calligraphy Ink - Charcoal
Ziller’s - Calligraphy Ink - Charcoal

Ziller’s - Calligraphy Ink - Charcoal

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Ziller’s ink is pigmented, waterproof, lightfast, ph balanced, non toxic, flows well and give you fine hairline.

Ziller Inks are perfect for steel pointed nib, broad edge pens, brushes and are a multi faceted medium for whatever your imagination may decide to do.

  • Lightfast
  • Pigmented – using pigments ground to sub-micron size for best flow and color effect
  • Ph Balanced – for archival stability
  • Waterproof – using an acrylic co-polymer formula to allow unique color design and give you an edge over the elements and the postman
  • Gives fine hairlines and solid broad lines that are consistent in color
  • Bottled in a wide-mouth jar for easy dipping
  • Flows well from both pointed and broad edged pens
  • Creates similar looks of gouaches
  • Water soluble, just dilute with distilled water
  • Easy to clean up with water and a little ammonia
  • Conforms to the “non toxic’ ASTM D-4236 labeling requirements and the “no heavy metals” European EN-71 Standards